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The Glow Effect adds an atmosphere of mystery to your images.

This effect takes the white areas of your image and spreads them to nearby areas. You can see a result of this effect below:

The dialog box is incredibly easy, just two sliders and a preview image (ignore the stuff under the preview!)

The lower the "threshold" the more areas of the image contribute to the glow. And the larger the radius the more the glow is spread out over the rest of the image. Here are some more examples:

You can see in the example above that this is not a simple "lighten" effect. If the radius is small then the dark areas far from the glows remain dark. A large radius and a low threshold on the other hand affect practially all the image, as can be seen below. Note however that even in this extreme case the black rocks remain black.

One slight problem with the effect is the fact that, in general, you need some white to be present in the image before you can make it "glow".

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