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A creative utility for the users of Adobe Illustrator

Sometimes you just can't get out of the rut of previous creations, and your client needs a new design fast. This ultility can help you, look at following designs which, it created in seconds:

Orange Allover DesignBlue-grey allover design

Gliftex will create designs like these under your supervision. The designs can be saved in in PostScript (.PS) format and so can be read in by Adobe Illustrator. You can instantly create professional-quality surface designs for application to the web, wallpaper, textiles, fabrics and so on.

Blue silver rounded square designGreen Kites Design

Designs can be tweaked or changed completely once imported into Illustrator.

Subdued TextureGolden Rays Design

The demo version shows you just how easy it is

Abstracted Planr Design

The professional version with Adobe Illustrator compatible PostScript output costs just $24.99 and there is a free demo you can try:


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