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Easy to use floral background design software

If you need some floral background designs which are seamless (you can tile them without seeing the joins) this page tells you about a quick and fun way of making them. See the images below for an idea of sorts of design I am talking about. Low contrast, light or dark, they are definitely definitely floral!

Corner design floral backgroundAllover floral background in pink

Allover floral background in deep blueGridded floral background

Gliftex has three "floral" generators. Floral, Abstract Floral and Graphic Leaved. The last is not strictly floral, but it does have that vegetation/plant grown feel. The program is oddly easy to use, just click on the main icons until you get close to what you want, and then fine tune the design if you need to.

Anyway, below are two more examples.

Abstract floral background (brown)Abstract floral background (purple and green)

In th two designs above (abstract floral) you can see that the flower and leaf motifs are highly stylised. In the two seamless pattern tiles below the flower and leaf forms are more "realistic", though the one on the left has a slightly Japanese feel to it:

Japanese Floral BackgroundDeep Blue Rose Window Floral Background

Finally, though not strictly "floral", below are two natural plant shape inspired designs. These are in fact the same design, though I have changed the initial color scheme (the image on the left) to a lighter color scheme more suitable to use as background (the image on the right).

The "generator" or "interpretation" used above is called "Graphic Leaves". You can see some "banding" in some of the leaves, but this is only because I have used the GIF format to speed up image access for this page.

Gliftex costs just $14.99 (home version) and there is a free demo with several 1 minute tutorials which explain all you need to know to be able to create your very own floral background designs.

For professional users there is the PRO version ($24.99) which can save the output as Illustrator compatible EPS vector files and also has presets.


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