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How to create floral mandalas and abstract floral mandalas

Floral mandalas are mandalas which use natural or abstracted natural forms to create a mandala shape. Below is a floral mandala where the natural forms almost overwhelm the formal form of the mandala itself (but that's ok!)

Mandala overwhelmemed by floral forms

There is an icon in Gliftex which lets you "tickle" the design. The icon is, appropriately enough, a feather:

variations on a design

The feather icon command keeps your basic design idea but, tickles it:

example of strange floral mandala tickled out of your original design

And here is another example of a mandala tickled out of your original design:

Dark mandala/floral design

Here is an abstract floral mandala, using natural green colors:

Abstract floral mandala with restful colors

"Abstract floral" is one of the options available in Gliftex to interpret your designs. There is also "floral", "graphic leaved" "kandinsky" and many others.

Of course, with Gliftex, you can change the colors scheme with a few mouse clicks, and get a less resting version of the abstact floral mandala above: First lets have a look at what sort of images we are talking about:

Abstract floral mandala with brighter colors

Click below for the free demo of the Gliftex.

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