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Gliftex and "overflowing" images.

One of our customers wrote:

"I have been using Gliftex 7 for a few weeks, and find that my images often seem to want to 'spill over' the edges of the frame! Is there any way to make them smaller (relative to the frame)?"

It depends. If you don't want the image to be tileable use the View menu then the View and Tiling item. You can switch off tiling in the dialog which pops up.

With some forms you can change the size of the form. When you have an image which is "too big", go to the form panel, choose tickle and set from the combo box then click on set. The dialog which pops up will be different for every form, but many of them let you adjust things so that the resulting image stays inside the image boundaries.


For example to see what happens with the Mandala form use the following three steps...

Mandala Design Program Screenshot

After you have clicked on Set you will get this dialog:

Mandala Form Dialog

The sliders like Size, Inner Size and Points Radius let you make the overall design bigger or smaller.

Another form where the size is easily changed is the User Form.

Some forms are designed to be tiled and so it is difficult to prevent them "overflowing the borders".

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