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I bought Gliftex Version 7 over a year ago. I’d only played with it for two days before falling in love with it. I use Gliftex generated images in a variety of ways: as part of one of my own images, as backgrounds for posters by importing the image in to a DTP or art package for further modification, make images as letter headings, and sometimes as finished works in their own right. Gliftex produces stunning results so easily. With version 8, Gliftex has evolved in to a slick, easy to use, fast and highly configurable graphics programme. I’m even more in love with this version. I love it. Buy this, very highly recommended.

- Gordon (United Kingdom)

I think Gliftex is a great program and very easy for a beginner computer user. I have used your products since 1997 also your program prices are great. I know you put a lot of hard work into your program. I want to congratulate you on your Gliftex program.

- Janeeo (USA)

It is easy to love Gliftex! All who work with arts and design constantly need cool patterns for different projects; such as backgrounds, part of designs and as standalone art. Gliftex is easy to grasp, it is not this steep learning curve that sometimes drains us, because its logic are the three elements; "Form", "Colour Scheme" and "Interpretation". These elements can be varied infinitely, either controlled by yourself or by auto settings, which means that you never experience to be out of ideas!

Its strength is its versatility and source for ideas, and you come up with patterns you never would have imagined all by yourself in a million years! You can make simple, clean, sleek patterns or complex, whimsy patterns with beautiful colours in no time - and it really shows the benefits of using computer software in the creative arts. The new version 8 has even more useful and exiting features, and I highly recommend it to anyone who need a cheap standalone design tool in their toolbox - and want to boost their creativity!

- Eva (Norway)

Floral floral purple

I have found Gliftex to be a great program filled with wonderful designs. The program is simple to use with clear HELP files. It is a pleasure to use for making great wallpapers and backgrounds. Gliftex is an innovative tool for the creative artist.

- Mike Brooker (New Zealand)

Allover one directional design

“I have been a happy user of Gliftex since one of the earliest versions. It has been a pleasing companion not only for serious work such as developing interesting and unique wallpapers and backgrounds for my customers, but also as a truly enjoyable plaything. (It's not all play, since I also get some very useful ideas for graphics while unwinding with my Gliftex.) I never fail to be amazed at some of the astonishingly beautiful images that this program creates. I recommend this program as a far superior alternative to any computer solitaire game or RPG because you can also do work with it! I cannot imagine how anyone wouldn't instantly become addicted to Gliftex.”

- Nick VanderMeulen (Tokyo, Japan)

Allover Green Blue Design (Packed)

“Gliftex really boosts creativity; play with it, and you get lots and lots of ideas that will be the the starting point of these exiting art processes that you really don`t know where ends -. Or, you can choose to be in contol of the process, it`s up to you using this versatile program.”- Eva Tilseth * “Gliftex produces amazing images, almost like magic.”- Rosemary West * “As a designer I have been using Gliftex for quite some time and it has always corresponded to my expectations. For this reason it is permanently in the list of graphic tools I use most frequently”

- Henrique A. B. Azevedo (Brazil)

Rows of Leaves

“I have been using Gliftex for several years now, and absolutely love it!Not only is it a great tool for generating amazing design ideas for my polymer clay and textile work, it has also helped me overcome 'creative block' on many occasions.It's such a simple and easy program to use that I didn't hesitate to recommend its use in the design chapters of my three textile books. I really don't know how I'd get along without it!”

- Jenny Dowde (Australia)

Blue Seed Grid Repeating Design

“The world would be a much more beautiful place were everything brushed, stroked, textured, coated, or filled with Gliftex.Gliftex is the most elegant and useful program on the planet. It should be in the toolbox of every designer, amateur or professional: it breathes life into your ideas.Gliftex is the antidote to every design dilemma or deadline. On certain jobs it can do the work of an entire studio at the press of just one button.In the last seven years Gliftex has been central to the success of my studio. I couldn't design without it now, and wouldn't want to.If you feel there is something missing in your artistic life, it's Gliftex. No other generative art program offers such inspiration to the designer or craftsperson.”

- Alison Lister (United Kingdom)

Green Organic Repeating Design

I have developed a deep respect for Gliftex, which makes a difficult and laborious task into a most productive and pleasurable experience. The original idea has been developed into a product which exploits the technique of computerised pattern making into an artform. The only problem now is trying to decide which of the millions of designs is going to be the one I eventually use.

Having said that, I have produced many astounding and attractive desktop wallpapers in only a few minutes, and that's only a starter. Designs to use for bitmapping readily spring to mind as another really productive use. I would recommend anyone interested in art, design and decoration to use Gliftex.

- Denn Lyons ( New Zealand)

Working mainly in the abstract area of digital art i have constantly striven to explore refreshing ways to incorporate spontaneous elements into my work, finding Gliftex many years back in it's earliest incarnation was a creative partnership made in heaven.

It's unique approach and dedication by the software author to listen to the users regarding it's ongoing development have made Gliftex second to none. Gliftex 8 expands further the horizons of artistic potential and allows people who want to explore to do so without any requirement and need to calculate mathematical formula's and get their hands dirty in scripting languages.

You can go as deep as you wish and get fantastic results across the entire spectrum of Gliftex 8. It's user-friendly and intuitive style is refreshingly welcome in a climate of overly expensive bug-ridden and rushed out commercial titles.

Gliftex 8 provides a fantastic array of additions and enhancements from the previous version 7 without any gimmicky tacked on the side nonsense, you will find it a pleasure to use and become addicted to it's potential without any frustration associated with other products, the only limitation is your own imagination in how you can use Gliftex 8...

Try it!, buy it! and be confident in the fact you are investing in a ongoing and dedicated developing journey... rekindle your creative nature and marvel upon what you can do.

- Mark Rogers (United Kingdom)

Paisley Black Grey Dotted.

I am a watercolor artist and quilter who happens to love Gliftex! When I am in a "rut" it creates for me, when I feel inspired it works with me to refine my ideas. I like that it can work for me both ways. It is very easy to learn and yet is powerful enough to quickly create complex designs.

Whenever I have some free time I find myself playing with it and loving every minute. I highly recommend it.

- Femi Roecker (USA)

A colorful allover design, calico and ditsies

As a long-time user of Gliftex, I've found it to be invaluable to my creative process. Not only is it a great tool to jump start the creative spark, but the ability to print my designs on fabric has made a HUGE difference in my art work.

I've used it for textile designs, website backgrounds, mixed media art projects and it's entertaining - I sometimes set it on auto and let it generate 100 images and I just watch it go... I can't imagine designing quilts or fabrics without Gliftex!

Lynette Squillante (USA)

Allover Design (Moss Green and wriggly lines)

"Gliftex is a great travel companion - it is my version of a computer game because I'm a color/pattern lover"

L. Arnold, USA

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