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Here I'll show you how to draw Paisley designs.

There are two possibilities, I'll show you the simplest first. In both cases you need to download and install the free version of Gliftex, just click on the Download Now button on the right.

Then the next step is to click in the Wizard menu, on the Draw Me A Picture Item. In the dialog which pops up in the combo box at the top, after the words "Draw me a..." select Paisley. In the combo box underneath select "Rough Sketch". Finally choose an image from which to choose your color scheme and the size of the image you want.

You will end up with a dialog looking something like this (it will not be identical):

Choose the Paisley selection

Now click on "OK! Draw the picture!" You will get an image which you probably want to adjust:

Very simple Paisley pattern design

You can change the shape, distribution and number of teardrops by following two the instructions in the following screenshot:

Start to change the Paisley settings

After hitting the set button you will get a dialog where you can choose the geometrical features of the Paisley teardrops:

Adjusting the Paisley settings

So now you know how to change the form (overall layout) of the design. But what about the fine detail. You selected some of the final detail when you selected Rough Sketch in the very first dialog. You can be more specific by following the two instructions below:

How to interpret a Paisley design.

Now you will get a dialog which allows you to change how the general Paisley form is interpreted. Of course you can also change the sort of interpretation fro Rough Sketch (very bottom combo in the above diagram) to some other interpretation. Here are some more examples:

Some more simple Paisleys, 1

Some more simple Paisleys, 2

Click here for another article on a similar scheme, but with more complex Paisleys.

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