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How to create floral designs.

These are the sort of designs I'm thinking about:

Three Floral Design Examples

The first thing to do is to run the Gliftex program and click on the blue lightening icon:

The image which Gliftex creates will almost certainly not be what you want, but we will go ahead changing a few settings to arrive at some lovely floral designs.

Now, right click on the image and choose "Change Interpretation..." from the menu which pops up:

Now choose Floral from the list of interpretations:

Choose the floral "interpretation"

Next you will be able to choose the flower petal and leaf shape and sizes and so on. Put the sliders at roughly the positions shown below:

Flowers Dialog, choose your leaves and sizes etc

Then click on OK. Gliftex will create a new image.

The last step is to change the underlying form of the image. We'll use a trellis form. Right click on the image and choose Change Form:

Change the floral form

Now choose "Dotted Trellis" in the dialog which will pop up:

Change the floral form to trellis

Now when you click on OK you'll get this sort of dialog;

Trellis settings dialog for the floral design

Put the settings as you see them above, and click on OK. The image you get will be something like this:

Floral trellis design

Now, your next step depends on you. You can continue to right click and change the settings of the form or interpretation, fine tuning as it were. And you can experiment with the colors scheme by clicking on this icon:

Floral Color Schemes

Here are some examples of the same floral image on a trellis with different color schemes:

Different floral color schemes

This was just a brief introduction to Gliftex, which can do more than just floral designs (click here for mandala designs). There is a free demo which you can download so you can try for yourself.

Get The Free Demo Now!



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