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How to quickly create a seamless Paisley design.

Paisley designs are lovely but intricate and it is difficult to create a seamless pattern using them. This page tells you how to make a seamlessly tileable Paisley design in seconds rather than hours. (The software used is called Gliftex, free version here.) The final results are shown below:

Two example Paisley designs

Run the program and go into the Wizard menu, and click on "Draw Me A Picture". The dialog which pops up will let you choose the basic form of the seamless image you are about to create, as well as how it will be "interpreted".

Don't worry that this dialog seems a bit crude, you will be able to fine tune the design to your heart's content later. Anyway, here is what your dialog box should look like before you click on the "OK" button:

Draw me a Paisley design

If you read the dialog box as if it were instructions to a designer you'll see that it says:

"Draw me a paisley design using leaves and using colors from this picture of the buddha. Make the image 600 pixels by 600 pixels and remember that I want to use the image as a seamless tile."

Now click on "OK! Draw the picture!" Gliftex will create the first image. What it looks like I do not know, but now you have the first image you can change it to be more like what you are looking for. For example when I first did this I got this nice image, but it is hardly a Paisley image is it?

Paisley design, too complex

To fix the overwhelming vegetation right click on the image and click on "Change Interpretation Settings..."

Changing to a paisley design

Then you'll get a dialog which lets your reduce the size and or number of leaves:

Settings for the Paisley design dialog

Now reduce the leaf size to 0.03 and the leaf density to 30 and you may get an image like this:

Lighter freer Paisley design

Now you can change the Paisley "form" by right clicking on the image and selecting "Change Form Settings..." from the menu which pops up.

Changing the basic paisley form of the image

Then you will get a dialog something like this:

Settings the number of teardrops etc of the paisley image

As you can see above we have far too many drops (or "vases") for the floral design. So we reduce them just by dragging the sliders. If you drag the horizontal drops slider to 2 and the vertical drops slider to 2 and make the other adjustments shown below...

A less crowded paisley pattern

then the resulting image will look like this:

A much cleaner Paisley design

Ok. Now.What about the colors of the Paisley design? You have a choice here, you can either select a general color scheme or select the colors explicitly. In this example we'll select the colors explicitly, as follows:

Right click on the image and select "Change Individual Colors...". You will be shown a dialog box like this:

Setting the colors for your paisley design

Although the design has shades of color (between Leaf Color 1 and Leaf Color2) you only need to choose the 5 basic colors. If you click on the buttons and choose the following colors:

Pastel colors for your paisley design

...then you will get the following image:

A cleaner simpler and brighter design

The second way to create a seamless Paisley design follows very much the same path as the first. The only changes are what you select in the various dialogs. Again use the Wizard menu and click on "Draw Me A Picture. This time choose the following settings:

A more intricate pasiely design patter

Gliftex is a program with two Paisley forms, a normal one and a complex one. In the dialog above we have chosen the complex one. And we have also chosen "Hillernrand" as the interpreter of the form. When you get used to playing Gliftex this will all make more sense. Anyway, setup your dialog box as shown above and click on OK to create your "Complex Paisley" design.

What you actually get will change from session to session, but don't worry you can change the colors and forms to exactly what you want. For me the first thing the program created when I clicked on "OK! Draw the picture!" was:

Moss green paisley

This is quite nice but maybe is not exactly what you am looking for. So right click on the image and select "Change Form Settings...". You'll get a dialog box which you should set as follows:

Changing the arrangement of the design

It is a bit formidable, but simply copy the settings you see above into your own dialog. The top 8 sliders are the most important. Anyway you may get something like this:

moss green intricate paisley

To change the colors right click on the image again and choose "Change Individual Colors..." from the menu which pops up. Then select the colors you like. Here are two examples of the same "image" but with different "colorways" as they are called in the textile industry:

Identical Paisley's with differenr color shcmes

There is a free demo of the program...

The demo has simple step by step tutorials included in the help file. Gliftex can be used for many other overall (and non) patterns, like floral designs and mandala designs.


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