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Illustrator compatible floral design program

This program creates vector output of floral designs which are compatible with Illustrator PS and EPS imporg functions. Here are some examples:

Illustrator compatible floral design

The home version costs only $14.99, but the PRO version, with presets and vector output, costs $24.99. Both versions let you do seamless floral (and other) designs though, in both raster and vector format. Here are some examples of allover floral patterns which can be repeated without seeing the join!

Allover Floral Colorful for IllustratorAllover Floral Dark for Illustrator
Allover Floral Blue for Illustrator Allover Floral Beige for Illustrator

Of course since the output of the PRO version creats illustrator compatible vector grahics you can easily modify the floral designs using Illustrator itself. With Gliftex you can also make allover abstract and allover "floral packed" designs:

Allover Abstract BlueAllover floral packed lemon/orange

If you are not looking for seamess tileable repeat designs Gliftex can be used to create standalone designs. And just to keep with the floral theme of this page, here is a floral mandala:

White background floral mandala

At the top left of this page are links to tutorials on how to use Gliftex to quickly create various types of design. There is a free demo here, so you can try before you buy. The demo includes tutorials on how to use Gliftex to create other sorts of images too.

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