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Making images with Gliftex for Spoonflower.com

Spoodflower.com is a site which lets you upload and sell your graphic designs....

How to make designs for Spoonflower

If you want to sell designs which are repeats (for wallpaper or textiles) you need to switch on seamless tiling in Gliftex. This is easy, follow the red arrows in the image below:

Spoonflower repeat settings

So now all the images you create will be tiled. Left and right edges will match, as will top and bottom ones. So they can be used to make textile and wallpaper repeats.

The next thing to understand is the DPI. Spoonflower says 150 DPI is recommended. This means that you should change the pixel size of your image to give you 150 DPI when you print at the physical inch size you want.

In the above example you can see the size is set to 800 pixels. What DPI is that if I print an 8" by 8" square? See the screenshot below to find out:

Spoonflower DPI?

So you can type in the print width and Gliftex will tell you the DPI of the image. At 800px and 8 inches (in the example above) we only have 100 DPI. We need to make the image bigger. Which we do as shown below, changing it to 1200:

Better Spoonflower DPI

Now if we look at the DPI again (the second screenshot on this page) we'll get 150.

You can probably go from 130 DPI to 200 DPI when printing on Spoonflower and not see any difference, so don't worry if your DPI is not exactly 150.

The final thing to think about is the size of the file. Spoonflower say less than 40MB. An image created with Gliftex which is 1200x1200 pixels big will give you a JPG image of less than 0.5 MB, well within range!

There is a free demo of Gliftex, and tutorials within the help file which comes with the demo. And remember that Gliftex does not only do mandalas, it does tons of other sorts of deisgns too! All this for only $14.99.


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