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About making textures patterns backgrounds and seamless tiles.

Sometimes you want to create a colorful background, a seamless background to use as a decoration or scrapbooking filled area etc. There is a program (you can get the free demo here) which will do that for you called Gliftex. Here are some example images:

Allover seamless texture (blue dots)Allover seamless texture (floral)

Allover seamless texture (blue people on white ground)Allover seamless texture (dark flowers)

If you look carefully at each of these images you'll see that "objects" which "exit" from one side "reneter" on the other side. And that is true for top and bottom left and right. That means that these images will tile seamlessly, you can place copies next to each other and you'll never see the "join"!

Actually (deliberate mistake) there is one of the four images above which does not tile, can you see which one it is?

So, anyway, how do we make image like this with Gliftex? Well to make your first image click on the icon in the top left of the main window. When the image is complete (it will take a few seconds) click on the tiling icon and you will get a dialog box like this:

How to switch seamless tiling on

If the check box is not checked then do so. Click on OK and from then on you'll automatically get all designs tilable and seamless.

What is the visible difference between an seamless image used in a background and an "ordinary" used as a background. Well this image (with deliberately chunky notes to make my point) has tiling turned off, but it is hard to tell:

Non Seamless Background Pattern

Until of course we put two copies side by side, when it becomes horribly obvious:

Non Seamless Background Pattern

Now, use the icon to turn on tiling and you'll get this image:

Seamless Background Pattern

With images this complicated it is hard to see if they tile seamlessly, but put two copies side by side and voila'!

Seamless Background Pattern

While you the designer don't have to work any harder to produce seamless backgrounds with Gliftex the program does, and it takes a few seconds longer to generate the tiles. If you only want the images as standalone decorations you can switch the tiling off. Below is an example of a deliberatelt untiled design:

Astract Floral Design (not tiled)

The program costs only $14.99 (Home version) and a free demo is avialable here. Below are some quick tutorials about creating other sorts of images, both tiled and non:

Click below for the free demo of the Gliftex.




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