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For Immediate Release: Ransen Software Releases Unique Graphics Design Program

Gliftex V8, a Windows program, can be used to create tileable and non tileable designs for textiles, web pages, scrapbooking backgrounds and embellishments, and has hundreds of other uses. It is very easy to get going; simply run the program and hit F7, then refine you design's form, color scheme, and detail. Among the more than 100 basic forms available are trellis, allover, calico, paisley, mandala, spirals and serpentines. And each of these basic forms is quickly and automatically elaborated using, for example, warp print, arabesque, floral, "Kandinsky" details etc.

New to this version is the drag and drop of color schemes and presets, as well as an improved thumbnail viewer for the images created. The user interface is compatible with previous versions but with a richer context menu for quickly changing forms, colors and details. A DPI calculator has been added, too.

You can easily create a personal color scheme based on a photograph or other image, so as to get naturally harmonious colors which will go well with other parts of your design.

The home version is ideal for textile, craft, and scrapbooking hobbyists as well as web masters searching for new graphics ideas.

The PRO version, with presets and PostScript and EPS vector output, is perfect for generating images for textile design professionals. The PostScript files can be read into other design programs (for example Illustrator). Vector output also means that there is no limit to the DPI of the image; it is as fine as you want it to be.

In bothl versions images can be "bred". For example taking the colors of one image as the father and the form and detail of another image as the mother, you can quickly create a new image with the "DNA" of both parents.

Gliftex V8 Home costs $14.99(US), while the PRO version costs $24.99(US).

Both may be ordered securely on-line from the Ransen Software website at http://www.ransen.com or from:


For more information about Gliftex V8, contact Owen Ransen at help@ransen.com

Fully functional review copy available on request http://www.ransen.com


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