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Paisley Design Software

The program can make not only Paisleys but also other design types like floral, mandala, ditsies, abstract, themed, rose windows etc. Here though we will concentrate on what sort of Paisley's it can create. Though the images look quite complex what you have to do is just use your judgement to choose the colors and maybe fine tune the sliders which set the design shape and details. At $29 for the Home version it is quite reasonably priced. Anyway, you can see some example Paisley images below:

Paisley design software in "simple" mode

You can clearly see the "teardrop" or "vase" form in the above examples, though somewhat distorted by centuries of artists over time. The Gliftex program can also create more complex Paisleys as shown in the image below:

Paisley design software example

Here is a screenshot of the program:

Screen shot of paisley design program

Pailey Pattern Design Software Screenshot

The interface to the program is intriguing and colorful. On the left here you can see that you experiment with the form of the design (Complex Paisley in this case) the color scheme and the "interpretation). Once they have all been set to "Full Auto" (as shown) have to do is click on the three icons:

Paisley Form Setting Icon Paisley Color Scheme Paisley Detail Setting Icon

You can off course fine tune each aspect of the Paisley design by right clicking on the image and choosing from the menu which pops up.


A free demo is available (so you can try it out for yourself) as is a PRO version for professional textile and web designers. The home version costs $14.99 and the PRO version $24.99.

Below are listed some tutorials on creating specific sorts of designs with this software:

How to create floral designs.

How to create mandala designs.

How to create Paisley designs.

How to create Rose Window designs.



How to create floral designs.

How to create mandala designs.

How to create Paisley designs.


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