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Here are some example scrapbooking backgrounds. You can make backgrounds like this quickly with the program Gliftex:

Scarpbooking background image

So, you can make you own very original backgrounds with a simple click of the mouse. You don't need to spend hours drawing and tracing and matching, you need to use your artistic ability to choose colors well and select shapes etc. Here is another example of a Christmas background with more "aggressive" coloring:

Christmas Scrapbooking Background

There is a demo and which you can try out, no sign up, no email requests, just download and go!

Scrapbooking background example 2

Since the images can be made seamlessly tilable with a single click you can make larger images simply by putting the smaller image next to each other. This site has tutorials for Floral designs, Rose Windows and Mandalas, all of which are suitable for scrapbooking backgrounds and decorations and embellishments.

Here is another example of a more colorful background:

Paisley Background for Scrapbookers

To find out more go to the Gliftex home page. Below is a screenshot and there are some more examples here.

Screenshot of scrapbooking software program

Testimonials about the ease of use and creativity inspiring properties of the program can be found here.

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How to create floral rose window designs.

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How to create mandala designs.

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How to keep the background white.

3600x3600 images for digital scrapbookers.



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