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Tired of the same old backgrounds?

If the answer to the above question is yes then this program (demo version available) is for you. In effect you have an infinite supply of scrapbooking backgrounds, and even other decorations like margins and frames.

As you can see with the images on the right there are floral backgrounds, abstract backgrounds, trellis backgrounds. You can test it all out for yourself with the demo version of the program. (The demo version is not time limited and does not "brand" your images.)
You can of course have very simple and delicate backgrounds, as shown on the left. The program Gliftex provides scrapbookers a flexible alternative in design taste by offering high quality imagery. If you've had enough of of gingham checkers, tiny repetitive patterns and background paper that looks wallpaper from the inferno, then this program is .
These designs can be printed in the traditional way, while scrapbookers who like to stay digital from start to finish will love the infinity of designs available. Start the program and push the F7 button and it's done!
The Gliftex program gives you millions of professional quality abstract designs, as well as traditional ones like Paisely. This is the way to get your s project started right! As you can see Gliftex is an ideal way to create your own Scrapbook Graphics Sets.
You can even give the program a photo you have taken of a landscape or some scrapbooking material and it will use those colors in the image it creates! See the example below:

More examples here.



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