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Create seamless tiles easily.

All you have to do in Gliftex to make the images seamless tiles is to click on the "tiling on" check box and select the number of tiles you want to preview.

Seamless Tiling Setting

Here is a non tiled image:

Not seamlessly tiled:

And here is an image with tiling switched on:

Seamlessly tiled

Note the extra leaves at the edges, this tile will make a continuous seamless surface when placed together in a grid. Below is a 2 x 2 grid of the single image:

Seamless Tile Preview, 2x2

So, Gliftex not only cracks the problem of coming up with new ideas for graphics, but it also creates seamless tiles of those image ideas! As well as creating backgrounds Gliftex is ideal as a Textile Design Program.

The demo version can be downloaded here.




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