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Tiling of Gliftex image with PS (and EPS) output.

When you save a Gliftex image in vector format for tiling the program creates a single "tile". The base dimensions of the tile are the square or rectangle of the background color. If you want to create (for example) 4 by 4 tiles you need to copy and paste all the objects in the image, even those outside the base tile.

Here is a closeup of what the center two tiles of a 3x4 set of tiles copied in the above way would look like:

The alternative would be to create a PS image which is truncated or clipped to the base tile, this is what happens when you save a raster image. Now one of the reasons for having PS output is to allow you to change the postions and shapes as you desire. (This is difficult or impossible with raster output (for example JPG or PNG).)

The problem would be though if you had a vector image cropped exactly to the tile, then if you moved any objects on the extreme left of the tile, you'd have to move the corresponding ones on the extreme right of the tile in exactly the same way, which if not done perfectly means you'll have discontinuities in the objects which overlap the tile borders. An example is shown below:

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