Gliftex Tutorial 3, Multiple Image Generation

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

This tutorial shows you how to create many images very quickly.

Step 1 : Run Gliftex and click on the Blue Lightening Icon icon (or use the F7 key) in the toolbar. This will create your first image.

Step 2 : Click on the (or use the F12 key) and you will see this dialog box:

Now you can set how many images you want to create in a single go, and whether you want them to be imaginative (like the function) or variations the current theme (like the tickle icon). Ignore the PRO options for the moment.

Step 3 : Move the slider to show 20 in the edit box to the left of it, and click on Imaginative, then click on OK. Gliftex will now create 20 totally different images. You can use the STOP button to interrupt the automatic creation of images.

Step 4 : Use the keyboard cursor keys or the icon to move to an image you like. Now click on again, but this time, in the dialog which pops up, choose "Variations on a theme". Click on OK and Gliftex will create a series of variations on the current image.

What have you learned?

1) That Gliftex can create a sequence of very different images with just a few clicks.
2) That Gliftex can create a set of "variations on a theme" with just a few clicks.
3) That both 1) and 2) start with clicking the followed by the the icon.

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