Gliftex Tutorial 5: Auto Settings

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

If you are new to Gliftex and have not done the first four tutorials please do them now.

This tutorial illustrates how to reduce the level of experimentation in form, color scheme and interpretation. It may sound complicated but it is really really easy! Read on...

Step 1 : Run Gliftex and, as in the previous tutorial, click on the Blue Lightening Icon icon in the toolbar. This will create your first image. Now click again and again on the icon till you find an image you like. Gliftex is experimenting with all three components of the image, the form the color scheme and the interpretation.

Step 2 : Now lets decide that we want to make the form a Trellis Form. Select Auto Settings in the form panel. Nowselect "Trellis" from the combo box at the bottom of the form panel. Your form panel should look like this:

Automatic Form Settings

You are telling Gliftex that you like the "Trellis" form, but would like to experiment with it, automatically changing its settings ("Auto Settings" selection).

Step 3 : Once your form panel looks like the one illustrated above click on the button to generate different versions of the "Trellis" form. The colors and interpretation will not change.

Step 4 : Try the same thing with Color Scheme, set it to "Auto Settings" and "Colors from an image":

Automatic Color Scheme settings

You are telling Gliftex to always use "Colors from an image", but to choose different images each time is clicked.

Step 5 : Finally you can experiment with the settings of a selected Interpretation in the same way as you have with color schemes and forms:

Automatic Color Scheme Settings

Now, every time you click on in the interpretation panel Gliftex will keep the basic interpretation the same (in this example "Graphic leaved") but change the settings for that interpretation (e.g. changing how many leaves there are, the shape and size of the leaves etc.)

What have you learned?

1) Auto settings keeps the basic component (form, color scheme or interpretation) the same but changes the settings for that component. We'll learn about manually changing the settings in the next tutorial.

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