Gliftex Tutorial 6: Fine Tuning Images

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

If you are new to Gliftex and have not done the first five tutorials please do them now.

This tutorial illustrates how to fine tune Gliftex images. The previous tutorial you saw how to choose the basic aspects of the image. Now we will go into the real slider twidling detail!

Step 1 : Run Gliftex and, as in the previous tutorial, click on the Blue Lightening Icon icon in the toolbar. This will create your first image. Now click again and again on the icon till you find an image you like. (Remember you can view the sequence by clicking on the Image Sequence Icon icon in the tool bar).

Step 2 : Now we will do some fine settings of the color scheme. Set the color scheme panel (in the middle of the left hand side of the screen) to this:

Color Scheme Chooser

To set the above you first need to select Tickle and Set, and then choose Colors from an Image.

Step 3: Click on the Set button. You will get a dialog like this:

Color Schemer Dialog

The actual initial image selected may be different from what you see above. Scroll through the image names to find an image with colors you like, and then click on OK. Gliftex will create an image with the same form and interpretation as before, but with colors taken from the image which you chose.

(There is in fact an even finer control over the colors used in the image, using the Vary... button. See the help file for more details.)

Step 4: Now set the Form settings to what you see below:

Gliftex Form Panel

First do the Tickle And Set combo box, then do the Mandala combo box, and then click on Set... You will get a dialog like this:


(Note that if you had chosen something other than "Mandala" the dialog box you'd get would be different.) Now you can set the various parts of the mandala dialog and see the changes to the basic form immediately. Once you have made the setting you like click on OK and the program will create the new image with these form (or layout) settings.

Step 5: Go through the same process with the interpretation.

What have you learned?

  1. That you can fine tune the settings of the three aspects of the image.
  2. That you have to set the combo box for the aspect you want to fine tune to "Tickle and Set".
  3. That you then click on the "Set" button to be able to change the fine settings of the image.

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