Gliftex Tutorial 7: Image size and tiling

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

If you are new to Gliftex and have not done the first six tutorials please do them now.

This tutorial illustrates how to change the size of an image and how to make it "tile seamlessly".

Step 1 : Run Gliftex and click on the Blue Lightening Icon icon in the toolbar. This will create your first image. Now click again and again on the icon till you find an image you like.

Step 2 : Click on the Size/Tiling/Quality icon in the toolbar: and you will get this dialog:

Tiling Size Quality Dialog

You can change the size of the image you create with the Size combo box at the bottom of the dialog.

Click on the Tiling On check box and move the number of tiles to 2 horizontally and 2 vertically. When you click on OK Gliftex will generate a new image composed of 4 tiles of the original image. Note that you can have 1 x 1 tiles even with Tiling On checked. The resulting image will tile seamlessly, on a Web page for example.

There is a way to preview the image if you want to use it as a Web background. Under the View menu click on View in Web:

What have you learned:

1) Seamless tiles can be made of Gliftex images by simply clicking on a check box.
2) You can change the number of tiles to be put in the final image.
3) You can preview the tiled image in a web page.

Click here to go to the tutorial 8, breeding images.