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Vector designs with Gliftex and infinite resolution.

Gliftex can output .EPS and .PS vector files ideal for textile printing. The "vector" part of that phrase means that the designs have infinite resolution. You may not see it on a textile printer because the printer has its own limitations (dots per inch) and so does the textile (the weave, quality and roughness of the material).

What does vector infinite resolution mean? It means that no matter how much you zoom into the image you will never get pixelation or blurriness.

I use Ghostview Ghostview free vector textile design viewer a free PS and EPS viewer to look at Gliftex PS and EPS output.

Here is an example:

Un-zoomed textile design

With Ghostview you can zoom into the image using the + icon in the toolbar. Let's zoom in a bit:

Zoomed textile design


We can really zoom in a lot and see that there is no pixellation:

Highly zoomed textile design

If, when you print your Gliftex design (saved as EPS or PS), you see pixellation or blurriness there is a problem with the printer, its driver or the textile.

The PRO version of Gliftex has vector output and costs $24.99. There is a free demo so you can experiment yourself with creating designs and printing them.

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