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3D printer solid arc settings (V5/V6 only)

I can imagine many people using this type of object to create custom bracelets with their 3d printers. Since some printers have a restricted size it is sometimes hard to create a whole object in them. With PhotoToMesh's solid arc object you can create a bracelet as 2 3 4 or even 5 different objects, connected together with thread or chains.

Here's a third of a celtic bracelet:

Celtic dog bracelet 1

Notice to get a third of the 360° of a whole bracelet I set the Degrees Angle to 120. I could print this object three times, or use a different image on each third, while still keeping to the celtic dog theme:

Celtic dog bracelet 2

And the last third could be like this:

Celtic dog bracelet 3

PhotoToMesh will not create all three parts in one go, you have to make each STL file one by one.

I leave how you physically connect these three celtic bracelet thirds into one item as an exercise for the reader. For making rings for fingers (but not bells for toes) see here.

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