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Candelas Lumens and Lux
Owen F Ransen




An introductory book on lighting and illumination

There are many heavy, long, and complex books on lighting, and a zillion scraps of information about lighting and luminaires on the WEB. What was missing, I thought, was a short introduction to the subject, hence Candelas Lumens and Lux:

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The book is designed for both beginners who intend to go deeper into the subject later, and professionals (maybe from other fields) who need to know at least the basic scientific principals and terminology.

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There is usually with a text explanation of the concept on every left hand page with illustrations and diagrams on the right hand page...

How Candelas Lumens and Lux is organised


The Contents of Candelas Lumens and Lux:

Chapter 1: Candelas, Lumens and Lux

This chapter explains the basic relationships between luminous intensity (candelas) luminous flux (lumens) and illumination (lux).

Chapter 2: Luminance

This chapter explains what luminance is, its relationship to illumination, and how to calculate it. Luminance is important in understanding glare, explained in Chapter 5.

Chapter 3: Photometries and how to read them.

This has an explanation of CG and VH photometries and gives shows how to read them. This is most important not only for lighting engineers, but also for other professionals like architects, civil engineers etc. who need to understand lighting catalogs to be able to make an informed choice of luminaire.

Chapter 4: Internal Lighting

In this chapter there is an explanation of the basics of lighting calculations for the illumination of internal environments. Isolux diagrams and uniformity are introduced.

Chapter 5: Glare

Glare is described, and several formulas and diagrams for calculating glare are explained.

Chapter 6: Road Lighting

This chapters shows the basics of road lighting, along with example photometries and various world standards for assessing the "goodness" of road luminaires are explained.

Chapter 7: Light sources and efficiency

Various types of light sources are compared, and measures like ULOR, DLOR Flux Fractions etc. are explained.


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