"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations
"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations




How to change data inside photometric files

(If you haven't already, please read this page about the command line options of PhotoView.)

If you just have a few files to edit then see this page.

Other command line options can change the following settings inside a photometry file. Here is an example:


The NEW_TOTAL_LAMP_FLUX 2500 changes the lamp flux from whatever it was to 2500 lumen, and the changed photometric file is saved in DXSYNO-7525.LDT. Note this is the total lamp flux of the luminaire, so if there were 2 lamps (in this example) they would be changed to have 1250 lumen each.

That is how easy it is. All options like this are the commands followed by the data. Commands which change strings require the string to be enclosed in quotes. This is so that the strings can have spaces. Here are all the options with example parameters:

NEW_MANU "Filips Fun Leds" - changes the name of the manufacturer to Filips Fun Leds. Note the quotes, which are important because they let you have spaces in the string.

NEW_LUM_NAME "Oram Ramo 700" - changes the luminaire name to Oram Ramo 700.

NEW_LUM_CODE "1234ABCD" - changes the code of the luminaire (for example line 4, [LUMCAT] in a 2002 IESNA file, and line 8 in an LDT file).

NEW_MEAS_CODE "Oram Oxy" - changes the measurement name to Oram Oxy. (Note that neither LDT nor IESNA has space for measurement name and measurement code, so this command simply changes one text line inside your photometric files.)

NEW_LUM_NAME "OR-700B" - changes the luminaire code OR-700B.

NEW_LAMP_CODE "TR412Q" - changes the bulb code to TR412Q. Applied to all bulbs in the photometry.

NEW_OP "John Smith" - changes the name of the operator who made the measurement to John Smith.

NEW_LAB "Biggleswade Photometric Laboratory" - changes the place where the measurement was made to Biggleswade Photometric Laboratory. In IESNA files this corresponds to the [TESTLAB] field. In OXL files this corresponds to the TestLab field.

NEW_LAMP_COLTEMP 5500 - changes the color temperature of the bulb to 5500K. Currently if there are more than one bulb, this change is applied to all of them.

NEW_LAMP_CRI 98 - changes the Color Rendering Index 98. Again applied to all bulbs.

NEW_TOTAL_LAMP_POWER 250 - changes the total power of all the bulbs to 250W. If a luminaire has two bulbs each will be set to 125W.

NEW_DATE 27-01-2010 - changes the date of the photometric measurement to 27th January 2010. Note the format is DD-MM-YYYY. Note that IESNA2002 has two date fields, ISSUEDATE and TESTDATE, but as far as I can see all IES files have them identical. However I'm willing to be proved wrong.

NEW_LUMAREA_SHAPE_RECT 30 40 10 - changes the shape of the luminous area into a right angled parallelepiped of 30mm length, 40mm width and 10mm height.


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Converting IESNA .IES files to Eulumdat .LDT files

For background on the terms Candelas, Lumens, and Lux have a look at this book:

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