"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations
"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations




Luminaire Catalogs
(How to make the graphics for them quickly and easily.)

If you are in the job of making a paper or WEB catalog for hundreds of luminaires you'll know how much time (and at what cost) it takes to make the technical graphics for these publication. Specifically you'll need to create polar or cartesian diagrams in the style of the manufacturer, maybe together with various ratings and classifications. PhotoView (in batch mode or singularly) provides a way to create these images quickly and automatically.

Here are some example luminaire photometry catalog images created with PhotoView:

Luminaire Catalog Images

If the image style you are looking for is not present you can either

  1. Create your own by changing fonts and colors in the two options dialogs (explained below).
  2. Or request OxyTech to make a special custom version graphic to meet your needs exactly.
Here is how you choose the fonts for your luminaire images. Use the Options Fonts menu item:

Photometry Catalog Font Selection

which will give you this dialog:

Lighting Catalog Font and Size Selection

...where you can choose the various font sizes and types for each component of the graphic you want to put in your catalog.

You can further customize the images made by changing colors and line thicknesses of the graphics by using this dialog:

Photometry Luminaire Catalog Settings

Note that all the images in PhotoView can be saved as raster images (like PNG, JPG etc) or as vector images (like PS PostScript or EPS Encapsulated PostScript).

See also configuring PhotoView for catalog custom images.

Click here for the PhotoView demo download and details of discounts.


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