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Adding point numbers to points in an AutoCAD file.

If you have hundreds of points in an AutoCAD drawing and want to add point codes to each point it is going to be very laborious by hand. And error prone. You may have tried various AutoLISP routines for doing this, but a really quick and almost painless way is this.

  1. Save the file (with the unlabelled points) as a DXF file.
  2. Use Pointor to create a point list from a DXF file.
  3. The point list will be turned into a new DXF file you can view, zoom, pan etc,
  4. Change the settings in Pointor to have just point codes.
  5. Save the point codes DXF file.
  6. Import the point codes DXF file into your AutoCAD drawing.

At Step 2 above you'll be presented with a dialog like this:

Get points from DXF, add code number

Pointor can import coordinates from POINTs POLYLINEs and CIRCLEs. In this case just click on the POINTS check box. The dialog will tell you how many points there are in your original DXF file.

In Step 4 you click on the settings icon (to the left of the "minus magnifyer" icon) and you'll get this dialog:

Select DXF layers of the point list

What you choose to do depends on exactly the job you are doing. In this case I'd suggest you use "Show Codes", uncheck everything else, and select "Nothing" from the "Add Point As" combo box.

Below is a screenshot where everything has been enabled.

Point list: zoom in and check the results

A demo is available so you can try out the process on your own drawings.

Download the free demo of Pointor converter here







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