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CSV to DXF Convertor

This program converts your CSV files from a pure list of points into a graphical DXF file of points and lines which you can import into your favorite CAD (AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, SolidWorks, Rhino etc).

The following image shows you exactly what the program does, your list of points is changed into a DXF file:

CSV file to DXF file conversion

Your list of points can in fact come from many formats, though here we are talking about CSV files. Pointor supports many CSV formats, as shown in the format selector dialog below:

CSV formats and delimiters

Since the graphics preview of the file changes as you click on the different formats you can quickly find the one which will work with your CSV file.

Oddly enough some CSV files use the semicolon ; as a delimiter, rather than the comma , . This is because in Europe the decimal point is actually a decimal comma! Either way Pointor is flexible enough to let you import those files as well.

Pointor is also very flexible when you come to save your DXF file. You can choose layer names, colors, text sizes, axes, tick spacing etc. Have a look at this screenshot to see the options:

CSV to DXF, DXF options dialog

Pointor (which runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP) can also import from .TXT .PRN .ASC .UPT and even .CR5 files, as well as from Excel, Access and Open Office via the Windows clipboard.

Although Pointor does not directly import CSV files into DWG files you can easily use the AutoCAD DXF import options, reading the DXF file which Pointor creates for you.

Pointor has a free demo (which you so that you can test it with your very own data before buying it ($69.99).

If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Even if we do not support that format yet almost all the formats above have been suggested by customers.


Compatibility with XP and Vista...

CSV File to DXF File conversion.





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