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How to Convert a CR5 file to a Dxf file

Luckily there is a program which will convert the awkward binary CR5 files into DXF files for yuo to import into your CAD and GIS programs. Here is an overview of how it works:

Convert CR5 file to Dxf file

Simply drag your CR5 file into the main window of Pointor, choose the DXF options:

CR5 DXF options (CR5 point list format)

Then click on OK and you have your DXF file of CR5 points:

CR5 based DXF file


There is a free demo available...

...so you can test it with your own data. Pointor can also convert CR5 files to other formats like PNEZD and CXYZ etx.

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Customer quote:
"I found your software via a google search for 'import points into Autocad'. I use the package to bring a list of PNEZD points that I collect with Survey equipment into AutoCAD drawings."







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