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How to convert data points to a DXF file quickly.

If the list of data points is in a text file you can simply drag the file into the main window. If it the list is in Excel or Access for example you simply do a copy and paste from Excel (or Access to the main window.

Here is a simple image to which shows how this works:

Text Data Points To DXF

Of course you will have to twiddle the format, but that is easy enough with direct visual feedback on the columns of data created:

Importing pointlist data into am AutoCAD compatible DXF file

Once you have the data in the program you can "join the dots", zoom and pan around it, and then save it as a DXF file. DXF files can be read by all popular CAD programs.

A testimonial:

"I found out about the program from a forum site dealing with Autocad issues. It has been very difficult to find a program that will import a text file as 3D points and to display the point numbers and codes with XYZ coordinates. The Pointor program is just what I was looking for and it is very easy to use. If I have any suggestions I will let you know but for the time being I am very happy with it."


From Excel to Dxf in two mouse clicks!

More screenshots of the point import program

From a happy customer: "I was working on a surveying class project and I needed to input 400 points. And I did not want to do it one at a time. I am new to AutoCAD but I was just about able to stumble through the process. With Pointor though, it was a doddle!. Thank you."

Point List Conversion

Pointer has met every need that I had when I purchased it last year
- Bob Mellen

CSV File to DXF File conversion.

Using Pointor for CR5 to DXF


Testimonials for Pointor



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