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How to convert a DTM BRK digital terrain model to a CAD DXF file

With this program it is very easy.


Open the .BRK file and simply select the XYZ BRK format, look at the preview (points only) and then click on OK.

Import settings for DTM BRK DXF

In the above dialog you can see we have chosen X Y Z .BRK as the format, and 3D as the coordinate system. Note also that we start reading at row 7, because the first 6 rows are comments (as you can see in the panel at bottom left).

Now since .BRK files have been designed to contain multiple polylines you must tell Pointor to use that system when creating the DXF file. That too is easy, simply click on the DXF Options button above (or in the options menu) and choose "Polylines with breaks" as the lines option, as shown below.

Layer and linetype options for DTM BRK DXF

Fortunately there is a free demo so you can try the program out with your own data, and the full version costs just $69.99.


"I found the Pointor program by doing a Google search for 'pts to dxf' while trying to find perl code to do the same. I had 11,000 points from an image processing job that I needed to write out to a dxf file and couldn't find the perl code to do it. The program did exactly what I needed!"



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