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DXF to TopCon software

Sometimes you need to convert entities in a DXF file into a pointlist which TopCon software will recognise. Essentially you want to make a TopCon compatible point list file from a DXF file. Here is how to do it:

First drag the DXF file into the Pointor main screen:

Drag DXF file you want to convert

Next you'll be shown a dialog where you choose which sort of DXF entities to change into points in your points list:

Extract pointlits from DXF for TopCon data

Currently Pointor reads POINTS, POLYLINES CIRCLES and TEXT entities. In the above example I accept all 4 types of DXF entity. When I click on OK the pointlist is created and shown:

Pointlits zooming panning and printing

If you want you can show in coordinate axes and grids etc.

Now to save as a TopCon format file you use the File menu Save Point List item. You will be shown this dialog to choose the format of the pointlist.

Topcon pointlist formats

Pointor can export (and import for that matter) the following TopCon formats:

  1. GTS-6 Points Coordinate Format, choose the PENZD option, with spaces as delimiters.
  2. GTS-7 Points Coordinate Format, choose the PENZD option, with commas as delimiters.

Currently Pointor does not convert to TopCon raw or TopCon XML file formats, though if we start getting requests these could be added in the next release.

There is a free demo so you can find out for yourself how easy it is:

If you have a format which is not supported just contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you.

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