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Extract text near points in DXF files as a point list.

If your DXF file has text descriptions near points, and you want to extract the positions of those text descriptions (with or without the points themselves) then you can import the DXF file and choose Text Entities in the dialog:

Pointlist extraction from a DXF file (text and polylines)

Then if you use the pointlist viewer icon: Show pointlist icon in the toolbar you'll see that both polyline vertices and text alignment points have been inserted:

Points near text entities and vice versa

The full version of Pointor costs US$69.99, and you can try it out with your own demo by downloading the free demo:

Download Pointor to try your onw data



Windows compatible point list manipulator

Real world example 1

Real world example 2

Real world example 3

Common Formats

Points, descriptions, and layernames


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