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How To Make Custom Point Symbols In Pointor.

Pointor V10 already has many extra point symbols than previous versions, for example here are two...

...but you may like to add your own. If you know how to use AutoCAD it is quite simple:

  1. Create the drawing you want to use as a symbol.
  2. Save the drawing as a DXF file in the appropriate Pointor directory.

When you create the DXF to be used as a symbol you should keep it simple with no embedded blocks and keep it's extents from -0.5,-0.5 to +0.5,+0.5, centered on 0,0:

You may want to add a AutoCAD Point entity in the center of the block, depending on what you want to use the final PointList DXF file for.

Save the drawing as an R12 DXF (this keeps the size down) in the appropriate directory...

...the appropriate directory (or folder) depends on your computer, but it is usually in the "ProgramData" directory, "Ransen Software/Pointor V10" sub directory. For example:

You will know when you've found the right directory because it will already contain several small DXF files, the point symbol definitions which come standard with Pointor.



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