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How to add point numbers (or point codes) point lists.

It is as easy as dragging the file into the main window and saving the result as a PNEZD or CXY or whatever format takes your fancy:

Pointor Point List Converter Toolbar

Use the first icon in the dialog to bring in your codeless point list (a simple list of X Y numbers, or XYZ numbers). Then use the "Save Point List..." item in the File menu to save it in any format you want:

Even though you opened a "Pure Numbers" file you should choose something like PENZD or Code XY as you save format.

You don't need to use a file though, you can do everything via the Windows clipboard. Use the third icon in the toolbar to get the point list from the clipboard...

Add point codes and numbers to pointlists

...and then use the fifth one to put the converted point list into the clipboard.

You can find out of this works for your data by trying the demo:


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