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How to import 3d points from Excel into CAD programs

Sometimes you just want to import a list of points into AutoCAD without having to load and setup a LISP (AutoLISP) program. The solution shown here does that for you in seconds, with lots of extra options so you get just the result you want. For example the text sizes and point layers and so on are all settable via a single dialog box.

Here is an overview which shows how easy the operation is:

Rapid DXF point list import

You have your list of points (in a file or in the clipboad), you bring them into the program Pointor, then you save the DXF. The DXF can then be read by almost all CAD programs on the market, and certainly all versions of AutoCAD.

Luckily there is a free demo so you can test the program on your own data before buying. Here are a few screenshots:

Below shows the options you can set for viewing/saving the DXF file. You can of course leave all the settings at their defaults if you don't want to be bothered with this level of detail.



Happy customer quote:

"I was originally looking for a program that would plot co-ordinates as a .dxf file and Pointor was the easiest to use. I could have plotted them manually of course but there were over 1500 points. I'm pleased with the Pointor, it enabled me to do what I wanted quickly and accurately so thank you."

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