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Visualization for metal extraction data

Sometimes you get data in one form when you really really want it in another. For example you get mining data in the from of a DXF containing a mesh...

Metal Extraction DXF file

...but what you really need is an Excel compatible point list of the mesh...

Metral Extraction Node List

Pointor can do that job for you. Open the DXF file, select MESHES click on OK and you've done.

At this point you can either save the point list in the format of your choice or have a quick look in 3D at the points, to make sure you've got what you wanted:

MEtal Extraction 3D preview

A demo is available, no sign up, no password, just download and go.

3D viewing and mesh importing is only available in the PRO version, though the demo lets you play with these options.

Download Pointor point list and DXF converter


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