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Point Import to Solidworks

This program will create a vector representation of your point list. The point list can be from a GIS instrument, or an Excel file, or even a simple text file. At only $69.99 it is a fraction of the cost of its competitors while offering a huge benefit in previews and flexibility. The screenshots below show you an example of importing from a CSV file.

Points Import for SolidWorks

Pointor creates a DXF file of your point list which can easily be imported into SolidWorks. You can even choose layers and text sizes etc while still in Pointor.

Point Import Solidworks Screenshot 1

A graphical preview shows you how the final DXF will look like.

Point Import Solidworks Screenshot 2

Pointor is easy to use because there are only really two dialogs. The one we met at thetop of the page, the other is shown below, which you will see the beginning of the import of the list of points.

Point Import Solidworks Screenshot 3

Luckily there is a free demo which you can try before you buy, click on the button below to download the demo version:

GIS Data Mapping Applications

Another example, XLS to DXF tutorial.



"I had a load of points I had collected and imported in Excel, I needed to plot them in AutoCAD. Pointor is perfect for that job!"
- A Happy Customer



Real world example 1

Real world example 2

Real world example 3



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