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Point List Converter

Sometimes you have a list if points in a certain format and want to create the same list but in a different format. For example you may want to change from PNEZD format to CXY format, or UPT format into XYZ Desc format.

You can do this easily with the program called Pointor in two simple steps

  1. Read in your list of points from a file (or maybe use the Windows clipboard and paste the list into Pointor).
  2. Save the point list in your preferred format.

When you save the list you'll be prompted to choose the new format:

Point List Converter Example

You can also copy the pointlist to the Windows clipboard it you don't want or need to save to a file. This might happen if you want to paste the points directly into a spreadsheet or database table:

Point list conveter using the clipboard

Of course Pointor cannot invent data, if you save from a format without a description to a format with a description then the description will be empty.

What has not been explained above is that you'll be able to see your pointlist graphically before you save it. For example:

Visualise a point list on the screen

There is a demo version of the program which lets you try out your own data and formats without buying. If you have any data or formats you'd like us to support don't hesitate to contact me.

Download Pointor Program

Pointor has many applications, for example GIS, Archeological mapping, life sciences and mechanical engineering.

Compatibility with XP and Vista...


Pointor and Virtual Crash


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