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You can graphically see the points which you will export to a DXF file, but wouldn't axes help?

As you can see from the two screenshots below labelled axes are an immense help in understanding the information which is contained in the list of points. Even if you have an idea of the extents (feet miles meters lightyears?) there's nothing like axes to give detail of the distribution.

The first image does not have any axes in the list of geometric points :

Points to DXF example screenshot

Compare the above image with the one below, how much more information!

Point List To Dxf Example Image

Of course Pointor allows you to enable or disable the axes, just as it does with grids, see the options on the right hand side of the dialog below.

The measurements used for axes and grid are the same. Whether you choose to show grid lines or axes lines depends on the type and density of the data. If you choose both then to all intents and purposes it is like simply choosing the grid.

Options for grids, axes and layers are set in the options dialog box. Try the demo:



Point List Help







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