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PointList flags, DXF files and Excel spreadsheets.

If you have created your pointlist from a DXF file it is now possible to view the point list not only graphically but also as a text list of points:

Viewing point lists texturally, with flags

Some customers want that list to be exportable to Excel, so I've added that functionality. Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on the View menu Point List item.
  2. Select any single row in the point list.
  3. Use Control-A to select all the points (they will all become dark).
  4. Use Control-C to copy the points into the clipboard.
  5. Paste the points into the application of your choice.

Of course you can use the same technique to export the points to Access or Word or any other application which accepts tables.

It is also possible to export the point list in one of the many formats which Pointor reads and writes:

export the point list in axny format, PNEZD PENZD, CXY, XYZ UPT, XYZ DESC

(Examples are PNEZD, PENZD, CXY, XYZ, UPT, XYZ Desc). And you can have point list delimiter of your choice, TAB, semicolon, comma or space. Below is an overview of the point list toolbar:

The Pointor point list converter and dxf saver toolbar

You can test the program with your own data by downloading the demo:

Download Pointor point list and DXF converter

And if you find a format Pointor does not support just contact me.

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Why convert from CSV to DXF?

One happy customer Michael says:
"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does!"

I use Pointor a lot to convert the topo breakline data files into 3-D autocad dxf files. It works perfectly every time. - A. N. Other (happy customer)

Code-X-Y to DXF file conversion.

GIS and Archeology




Points, descriptions, and layernames

Why convert from CSV to DXF?


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