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A point import utility.

Sometimes you just need a qucik way to view a list of points graphically, easily and without too much fuss. This program lets you do that, with the added bonus that you can save the list of points graphically as a DXF file (compatible with programs like AutoCAD and IntelliCAD). Here is a schematic of how it works:

Open the file, (or copy data from the clipboard), select the format you want, then let Pointor do the rest. You can zoom and pan the display, and change the way the DXF file is made (layers, colors. sizes. etc).

It does not get much easier than this! A free demo is available so you can test the program on your own data:

How to import survey data into AutoCad? - This program is fast and simple to use.


"I investigate car accidents and sometimes I can create an Excel file with the vehicle positions, at other times we get the police point measurements. In these cases I need to import the points file into Autocad. Yesterday I was in a hurry to get the files imported, and your product did the job immediately!"


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