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How to make a pointlist from DXF text entities.

Sometimes you have a DXF file (maybe saved from a DWG file) which contains text entities in certain positions. You want to get a list of coordinates from these text entity positions, with the text itself as the code for the point. This page explains how to do it.

Here is an example DXF file of text entities:

DXF file with lots of text entities

To create the pointlist simply drag the DXF file into Pointor's main window. You'll get a dialog like this:

Preview of text entity positions

You need to check two things...

  • The "TEXTS" checkbox
  • The "Code is Text" checkbox

...as shown in the screenshot above.

Now Pointor will import create the pointlist and a DXF based on that pointlist. What you want is the pointlist itself, so use the pointlist icon to see if the data you've got looks right:

Preview of point list of text entities

Don't worry that you may have more information than you require, when you save the pointlist you'll choose a format which ignores (for example) the z coordinate and the description.

Now the final step is to either save the pointlist file...

Pointlist conversion (save file)

...or copy it to the Windows clipboard...

Pointlist conversion (copy to clipboard)

In either case you'll be asked to select the format of the pointlist:

Choosing the new pointlist format, Code X Y

In the example above I've chosen "Code X Y" and tabs as delimiters. This usually works well with Excel, Access and Open Office programs:

Example pointlist in a spreadsheet.

Done! A free demo is available here so you can test it with your very own data, and the full version, $69.99) can be bought securely on line here.

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