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Showing elevation as separate text in a DXF created from a Pointlist

I was asked:

"I am trying out Pointor and I like what I see, except for not being able to get point elevations to show up on a plot. Everything else is there. In the preview window the elevation are showing, but not on the plot. I have tried many different option combinations with no success. Here are the points I am using (PNEZD format):

101,1002.00000,1000.00000,355.650,SW SPL BLDG 
102,1031.00000,1037.10000,350.400,SE ROC BLDG 

Can you help?"

You need to do two things to get the Z elevations showing in the DXF graphics. The first is to make sure you import the original data as 3D as shown in the pointlist import dialog below:

Show elevation in plot, step 1

The second thing to do is to decide whether you want the Z elevation on a separate layer or as the last component of the NE (NEZ) coordinates. Here is the difference:

Show elevation in plot, example A

In the above image you can see that the Z elevation (on the blue layer) is separate from the other coordinates (on the black layer). In the image below the Z elevation is part of the coordinates, it is simply the last number in the text:

Show elevation in plot, example B

Use the options icon to get the options dialog where you can check or uncheck the "Show Z on separate layer" option:

Show elevation in plot, step 2

Actually, if you only want to see the Z you can uncheck "Show Coords" but keep "Show Z on a separate layer" checked and all you get is the elevation values:

Only show Z elevation, not X and Y


The full version of Pointor costs US$69.99, and you can try out these two simple steps using your own data by downloading the free demo:

Download Pointor to try your onw data


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