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Surpac to DXF (how to create a DXF file from a surpac .str file)

There are two easy ways to open a Surpac file:

  1. Drag the .str surpac file into the main window of Pointor, or
  2. Use the File | Open points file... menu item.

The second method is illustrated below:

Opening a surpac file for DXF conversion

We are going to use the program as a Surpac to DXF converter. You will now have to choose the file extension, choose Surpac .str (which is the standard extension for surpac data-geometry files). This is shown below:

How to open and read a surpac file for DXF conversion

Once you have chosen the file the lines and polylines contained in the file will be read in and shown in the main window of Pointor:

Viewing the Surpac DXF file

Although Pointor V9 does not have 3D viewing it does handle the 3d data inherent in Surpac records. To save the data as a DXF use the File | Save DXF File... menu item:

Saving the Surpac file as a DXF file

A demo of the program is available so you can test it on your own data:

Here is an article on how to create a surpac .str file from a DXF file of polylines and lines.

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