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Pointor import from Topcon Data Collector.

Some of our customers use Topcon data collectors, and Pointor can import Topcon data files.


With Pointor you can choose between Northing-Easting or Easting-Northing order.

TDS data collector files

Click here to see import file dialog.

DXF to TopCon file format conversion.

CSV to DXF file converter

A happy customer: "I use Pointor in different domains (oceanography, seismic operations, landsurvey...). very often I record hundreds of points per day, and When I have to report to my clients, or their rep on the field, I have to show them graphically the job done... and if, in a snap, I can show them the job with all the label cleanly oriented, it is a plus for me..."

How to quickly view CR5 files.

Another happy customer: "Pointor is working well at this point. If I get any feedback from the users I will let you know. As for our use we are using it to bring in survey data from a Trimble GPS into AutoCAD. We only have one copy of surfer and so needed a cheaper alternative. Pointor is ideal!"


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