PDMODE and PDSIZE, AutoCAD Point Display settings.

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This help page is for AutoCAD users, it has nothing to do with how Pointor operates. With Pointor you can create DXF files with pure points, circles, or blocks. Which you use is decided in the options dialog.


If you use pure points (not circles or blocks) then what follows will help you see the points better in AutoCAD.


PDMODE affects how a point is represented, which symbol is used.The most common ones are:

PDMODE 0 a point
PDMODE 1 nothing
PDMODE 2 a + sign
PDMODE 3 an X sign


PDSIZE affects the size of the point symbol. If PDSIZE is set to a positive number then that is the absolute size of the points symbol. If PDSIZE is negative then the size is a % of the screen size. For example typing:


       PDMODE 32

       PDSIZE 4


the points will be shown as a point and a circle of 4 units diameter.


If you typed:

       PDMODE 3

       PDSIZE -0.25


the points will be shown as X marks 0.25% of the screen size. (This by the way is the settings which Pointor uses when it creates a DXF file.)


You often need to do a regen after changing the PDSIZE and PDMODE settings.