3D viewing of data (PRO version only)

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In the PRO version of Pointor, if you have read in 3D data you can view it from various angles as follows: Click on the View Menu and then on the View 3D menu item. You'll get a dialog which allows you to change angles and zoom by dragging your mouse pointor across the white area:





Pan by pushing the middle mouse-wheel button and dragging across the screen.
Zoom by rolling the mouse-wheel backwards and forwards.
Make the 3d window larger by dragging the bottom right corner of the dialog.


What you see is not the full DXF file, it is just a 3D preview. For example if you use blocks for point positions you will not see the blocks in this preview, just points.


If you have a lot of text and it hinders the 3D view, you can switch off text by unchecking on the Show Text check box.


In the Standard version 3D viewing is not available.