Breaking lines and polylines when descriptions change

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Some formats assign descriptions which change when a new segment of data starts. In effect this means that lines or polylines can be split up into separate entities.


Here is an example:


15        -1284.06        -199.00        90.486553        BSD

16        -1309.21        -119.04        89.731960        BSD

17        -1334.72        -118.63        89.459650        BSD

25        -1139.12        -140.98        92.766737        CZX

26        -1164.31        -140.22        92.202432        CZX

27        -1189.61        -139.96        91.733272        CZX

28        -1214.68        -139.40        91.241146        CZX

29        -1239.68        -138.93        90.634191        CZX

44        -1187.11        -299.15        92.848758        POY

45        -1212.57        -300.64        92.313981        POY

46        -1237.72        -259.27        91.838259        POY


You can see that the description column (the 4th column in this example) collects data into three different sets (BSD,CZX and POY, whatever they mean) and this can be shown as three different polylines in the DXF file. Graphically you can see the different polylines here:





Obviously if all the descriptions are different or change often this option may not do what is expected.


Anyway, in order to setup the program to break up the points into different polylines according to description the first thing you must do is set the following checkbox (when you first open the pointlist file):




The next thing you must do is click on the Dxf Options button in the dialog above and choose "Polylines With Breaks" or "Lines With Breaks":





This technique will work with any input format which contains a description field, for example PNEZD, XY Desc, etc.


If you are using the .BRK format then click here.